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          Yongjia Chuangyou Spraying Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-tech,high-precision and multi-performance valve balls.Major products include straight-through balls,curving-through balls,three-way balls, four-way balls, V-through balls,W-through balls,hemi-sphere, stem balls,etc.as solid or hollow body with floating or fixed usage indifferent ball valve.
         We comply with all necessary international requirements and standards,such as lSO 9001:2015,CE certification.Established in 2008, now ChuangYou plant produces and distributes 3 580 000 items per year.In order to guarantee competitive price and high quality,domestically produced raw materials are used for production of ChuangYou valve balls. ChuangYou valve balls are not only sold to domestic market,but also be exported to   Russia,NetherlandPoland,Turkey,Korea,Japan,ltaly,Vietnam,India,French, Spain, Thailand, etc.

  • ChuangYou valve ball major features:
    ·DN 4-1000(1/8″-40”)
  • Materials:
  • ·Warranty 2 years for general condition.
    ·OEM service available.

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Hard Face Ball


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